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The forum itself has been removed for some time (see page at link to upper left) and will be replaced by a new forum soon. The new forum will require a rewrite of the instructions for use.


This is the main page for Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics forums, or EPM Forums. Have a strange problem at school or at work and need help, or like to discuss it anonymously? Ask here! To go straight to the EPM Forums click on the link to the left, or look under "Other Pages" on the left and click "Go." Please post each question only once; I read all posts on all forums.

You may also click on "Feedback Form" to ask for a password reset or make other comments that you can't make on the Forums, such as "Lost my username." The page "EPM Quick Links" provides additional navigation options.

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Use the Forums Information jump menu to the left for simple instruction pages about getting started with the Forums. Use the Other Pages jump menu to go to the Forums.

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Below you will see a web search utility for Dogpile, the popular metasearch engine from Infospace.  Infospace is one of the oldest WWW entities, and Dogpile is a modern face on their original metasearch page, Webcrawler, as it exists today.