The Old Forum Has Been Deleted

Admin Hacked!

On January 21, 2014, the Admin password of the forum was hacked. The changed the Admin password and possibly others and also all the e-mail addresses so that passwords could not be recovered by the users - or the Admin.

Your Passwords

The Admin has no access to the passwords that you use on EPM Forums because they are encrypted; only a hash code is stored in any case. However an abundance of caution would be to change any password that is the same as that you used on EPM Forums.


All your e-mail addresses are in your profiles and are available to the Admin. You should always be cautious about phishing and malware sent to your e-mail address.

User Names

User names and any other information that you may have put in your profile is visible to the Admin regardless of your privacy selections, and are associated with your e-mail address. Be especially vigilant about attempts to use this user name to get the confidence of you or others.

The Future

There will be another forum up in a few days. I will attempt to restore users and messages from backups but may simply re-launch a fresh forum. Suggestions and requests are solicited.